Thursday, July 19, 2012

Journey Begins with Worthy Book

I got this little A5 book during around May 2012. Ya I know~ this post is out dated. >.<

As the title above, you all must be wondering what is Worthy Book??

It is a book voucher that feature about discount and promotion on food and beverages in Klang Valley and thus it name for this year is...*drum rolls*   Worthy Book F&B Special Edition 2012-2013.

Worthy Book
Taadaa~ Worthy Book F&B Special Edition 2012-2013!

As you can see from the picture, it has more than 55 Eateries inside!

Worthy Book
Sneak Preview!

Not only that, they have directory for us on where to use it!

Worthy Book
Directory of where we can use the vouchers!

When I got this book, the first thing I saw is, Shogun & Saisaki discount! Am so excited~ Cant wait to use it!

Worthy Book - Shogun & Saisaki
50% off for 1 adult! :D

Not only that, those voucher that caught my eyes is....... *suspense*

Worthy Book - Purple Monkey
Purple Monkey!

Worthy Book - Ochado
Ochado! Time for bubble tea :D

Worthy Book - Kim Gary
Kim Gary!
*Eyes on Free meal of the month* *Hmm~ Read T&C*
No minimum purchase needed! Hurray!!

There is so much more that I have my eye on >.< cant name them all~

But what make this book more fabulous is that, the expiry date are mostly on 31st March 2013!

Not only that, this book can be found nearly everywhere in KL! 
You can see them at..... MPH la, Popular la, Borders la, Times, also got and even the only one book-store in KL, Kinokuniya also got leh!

The retail price is RM29.90 and you can get them at book-stores OR purchase from them directly at:-

Official Website:

Remember to be their fans at their FB page as they offer free vouchers as rewards from time to time! OR you may look out for their road-shows to get more freebies :D

Love you always, 
♥ Michelle ♥

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