Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First Cosplay Convention I have attended (AFAMY 2012) - Back-logged so long ago ORZ

Konichiwa Mina-san~~!
Here I am writing a very back-logged post~ Gomenasai~
Its about my first cosplay convention that I have attended~

It was AFAMY 2012~ The day I attended is during day 2~ Its held on 9th - 10th June 2012 @ PWTC
I have one photographer and a friend with me that day also~
Which is my gor, Kendrick-kun (do support his page ya -> House88kend's Art. Design. Photography) and her sis, Cassil-san.

Before able to enter the hall, we was waiting for my friend, Qurshay, which he is super late >.< so we tot he will reach like 30 mins so we waited outside the hall~ thus there goes the photoshoot start :D

Outside the hall while waiting :D

instead of 30 minutes wait, we took 1 hour of lepak and photo but he havent reach yet so we went to eat Pizza Hut and we camwore during waiting for our food :D

camwore with my neko paw and mascot :D
U can see the cute doll above kan? :3 its my gor's page, House88kend's Art. Design. Photography and my page, Pink Sakura, mascot~ she have a name and a FB :D her name is Natsuko and her FB page is Natsuko San~ arent she cute? :3

After one hour of our meal, my friend finally reach and pass me the tix~ and so we began our journey to the hall again~ D:

Journey to the hall!! :D
it was already packed from the ticketing counter to the bridge and to the hall~  D: anyways lets skip the part to the event :D

Day 2 AFAMY 2012
overall we spend there about 3 hours and we went back~ it was nothing much in hall as we kept seeing the same coser as we walk rounds and rounds :D we had fun during the patapon parade thou :D for more pictures do see at my album :D --> AFAMY 2012 Day 2 Album

That is it for now~ Shall try to catch up my long list of back-logged post D: Oyasumi guys~

Love you always, ♥ Michelle ♥

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