Saturday, August 17, 2013

Good time dont last - 31st July

As title above,
good time dont last.

Few weeks back i got another job offer which is like what i wanted.
Travel company and based in SG *more money! :D
So happy and hyper during that time.
In the same time, I got myself a DSLR camera
But like i said good time dont last.
Below is a picture i compile on that day :D

Just manage to know my mum have health problem
and i need to be with her for a period~
So i have to reject the company offer for a moment.
Hope they will accept me again.
Meantime i accept BookXcess and BBW job for now.
And another dilemma is on its way.
Hope I can able to handle it.

Till then, goodnight.

♥ Michelle ♥

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